The Program on development of non-baked building materials through 2020

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Decision No. 567/QĐ-TTg dated April 28th, 2010 of the Prime Minister approving the Program on development of non-baked building materials through 2020

Decision 567 sets a goal to develop production and use kind of this material to replace for baked clay achieving rate of 20-25% in 2015 and 30-40% in 2020. Here are some notable contents of the Decision 567:

- Saving agricultural land, land for waste keeping The development of production and use of construction materials to replace for baked clay brick is to save farmland, reduce emissions causing environmental pollution, save coal fuel, efficiency economy for the whole society.

- Decision 567 also sets a targets of annual use is about 15-20 million tons of industrial wastes (thermal power slag ash, blast furnace slag ...) for the production of unheated construction materials, saving approximately 1,000 hectares of agricultural land and several hundred hectares of land for waste keeping.

- Production and consumption of unheated construction materials is preferential.

Under Decision 567, three categories of unheated construction materials will be developed production and use, those are:

(1) concrete brick – aggregates

(2) Light brick and

(3) Other different types of bricks.

In particular, the percentage of types of brick is as follows:

(i) Cement brick –aggregates on total of unheated construction materials about 74% in 2015 and 70% in 2020.

(ii) Light brick (there are two types of brick from distillation gas concrete and foam concrete) accounts for proximately 21% rate in 2015 and 25% in 2020 of the total unheated building materials.

(iii) Other brick (splitting stone, late rite bricks, unheated construction materials from hills and waste construction waste, silicate brick ...) achieves rate of about 5% from 2015 on total of unheated construction materials.

- For the Program is carried out as plan, Government regulates, projects of manufacturing light unheated construction equipments and production of cement brick – aggregates with capacity from seven million tablets of standards per year beyond the preferential policies:

(i) Import tax

(ii) Enterprise income tax,

(iii) Support and other incentives as prescribed shall also be entitled to (iv) as incentives for projects under the program for key mechanical. Under the provisions of Decision 567, from 2011, high building projects (from 9 floors or above) must use at least 30% of unheated building materials or light building materials (volume of volume is not exceed 1000 kg / m3) of total building materials.

The Decision 567 takes effect from the signing date.

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