National strategy on housing development through 2020

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Decision No. 2127/QĐ-TTg dated November 30, 2011 of the Prime Minister approve the national strategy on housing development through 2020, with a vision toward 2030.

The objectives through 2015 under this strategy are nominated as follows:

- The average floor area in the whole country will reach 22 m2/person, with 26 m2/person in urban areas and 19 m2/person in rural areas; to strive to reach the minimum floor area of 6 m2/ person;

- During 2011-2015, to further implement social housing development programs in urban areas and support poor households in rural areas; to strive to build at least 10 million m2 of social houses to create accommodation (mainly apartments) for low-income earners in urban areas; to satisfy the accommodation needs of around 60% of students of universities, colleges and professional secondary and vocational schools and 50% of industrial park workers; to provide support for some 400,000 rural poor households (identified by the new poverty line) to improve their homes;

- The rate of firmly built houses will reach about 62% nationwide, with 65% in urban areas and 60% in rural areas; to reduce the rate of rudimentary houses to below 5%; to increase the rate of households having hygienic latrines to 70%, with 95% in urban areas and 50% in rural areas;

- The proportion of apartments in housing development projects will reach over 80% in special-grade urban centers (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City), over 50% in grade-I and -II urban centers, and over 30% in grade-Ill urban centers. In urban centers of grade III or higher, houses for rent will account for at least 20% of total houses.

- To strive to provide support for all persons with meritorious services to the revolution to improve their homes under current mechanisms and policies; to further study amendments and supplements to and implement regulations on support for persons with meritorious services to the revolution to improve their homes

This Decision takes effect on the date of its signing and replaces the Prime Minister's Decision No. 7672004/QD-TTg of May 6, 2004, approving housing development orientations through 2020.

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