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60 years of development and maturity of CONSTRUCTION

On 29-4-1958, the Resolution of the period VIII National Assembly Session I by President Ho Chi Minh presided over the decision to establish the Architecture Ministry - now the Ministry of Construction. Since then, every year on 29-4 has become the traditional day of Construction in Vietnam.
Under the leadership of the Party and State to the efforts of all staff employees during the journey 55 years of development, construction industry has achieved many accomplishments contribute to the great victory of the country in the construction and national defense.
Achievements in 55 years of construction industry with the events in the history of national liberation and construction the socialist of our country. Especially after completion of the resistance war against American imperialism, Construction industry leading career rebuilt heart of the country. The results in this period was associated with rapid growth in quantity and quality of the construction team, striving sacrifice of generations and the direction of leaders predecessor of the construction industry.

The process of development, construction industry has achieved major results over the period as follows:

1. Period before 1975

Since 1954 peace was restored, the North is released, construction force actively involved in implementing the plan three years economic recovery from 1955 to 1957, three years of development planning and improvement of economic 1958 - 1960 and plan the first five years from 1961 to 1965. The next period is to build both directly fight the war by destruction of enemy air forces for North America, has more power slope Institute for Southern battlefields.

Once established, the leaders of Ministry of Construction quickly organized the whole event, team building staff. Held companies to build regional construction company as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Uong Bi, Thai Nguyen, Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh, Vinh; other members of the school and some specialized units such as companies Assembling, Execution mechanized company, Transport company, the brick and tile factory, quarrying sand ...  On the basis of selective forces from the Youth, the sector team and force construction in the locality.

At the Ministry, in addition the Organices function, formed the scientific research organizations such as the Institute for Survey and Design, Institute of Planning, Design Bureau of industrial and civil ... In this period the Government has decided to move the Department of Home Affairs under the Ministry of Land and moved a division manager with the basis of material production to the General Chemical for Construction industry in charge. In 1973, for unified management of all state industry. The National Assembly and the Government has decided to merge the Ministry of Architecture and Construction Projects Committee of the State of the Ministry of Construction.

With forces and organizations like the branches of Construction directly executing hundreds of big projects, such as building small power plants in Lao Cai, Vinh, Uong Bi, Ninh Binh, Thac Ba, works chemical Tri Vietnam in industrial parks, the High - Soap - leaves, the Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel, Mechanical Factory medium scale, Finland Van Dien, Ha Bac Fertilizer, Lamp posters of Rang Dong, Det 8-3, Textile Minh Phuong, Nam Dinh Textile, Tea, Phu Tho, Tin Tuc Tinh, Hai Phong fish box, wood salt ... Road, construction of universities, secondary schools, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, houses accommodation and welfare works, infrastructure techniques .... The most of the works are completed on schedule, put into use for economic development contribute - culture and society.

The force survey design must be completed quickly and increase the self-design of civil works and design covers for a number of industrial small and medium. Especially with the Soviet experts to design and build Construction Mausoleum of President Ho Chi Minh City, Palace of Culture and labor quality in architecture and construction.

Urban planning and rural areas were concerned. The Ministry has established the Institute of Urban Planning Design and rural planning to ensure the reconstruction, construction of new municipalities after years of investment and not with the war devastation. Planned capital Hanoi was Uncle Ho and the Political directly to detailed guidance from 1960. Other towns were the Soviet Union, China and other socialist countries in Eastern European experts to help planning. A number of new industrial zones such as Vietnam Tri, Thai Nguyen ... and some new housing areas such as Kim Lien, Trung Tu, Ha Noi, Quang Trung Vinh ... được hình thành trong thời kì này. formed during this period.

American imperialism during the conduct of war damage from the North in 1965 many construction projects have temporarily suspended or indirectly progress. The Ministry has advocated navigation tasks, to force workers, service personnel to fight the war damage, had built 198 defense works such as construction of participating airport Da Phuc, Kep , Hoa Lac, Gia Lam and Cat Bi, Gold Star ...; construction of the oil, air defense works, works shielding Uong Bi power plant, Yen, etc. .. or production pontoon bridge, barges ... Nearly ten thousand two personnel had to enlist the battlefield and a force motor is transferred to the military, the rest just for construction, has directly undertaken the transport of weapons and ammunition, food food, food money online. Thousands of cadres, workers were heroic sacrifice on work days while on duty and on the road go wrong for fighting. With the slogan "hand fly, hand guns" of the soldiers fighting for self-defense to protect the industry works, protecting people and directly contributing to combat planes shot down six enemy the United States. During this period industry continued recruitment personnel to train in the country and the brothers, to maintain and develop force, plans to build facilities on the techniques of the socialist campaign win.

2. Period from 1976 to 1980

After the splendid victory of famous Ho Chi Minh Campaign history, the country completely unified, full integrity end to the war of national liberation, the country step into a new period, recovery period after the war and build facilities for socialist techniques.

Implementing Resolution th Party Congress quickly build industry organizations gather and organize information to build forces in the country, the establishment of management and organization building in the South and strengthen capacity building institutions in the north to perform tasks to restore the economy - society, and focused execution of key works of the State. Series of important works already started construction as Hoa Binh Hydroelectricity, Tri An, Hoang Thach Cement, Bim Son ..., the works team of coal mining and readiness, recruitment of Lao Cai apatite ore. Industry producing construction materials also have new developments, have created a range of products to meet part of construction work. Same time period, according to the guidelines of the Party and State Construction industry implemented the reception, management and restoration for the basis of socialist production in the sector management in southern provinces. In addition, the construction sector also participated actively in the national defense to protect Southwest border, the border north of the Fatherland.

In the field of industrial construction, civil, with the motto construction focus to end points early works on the production and use, the construction industry has focused on forces, materials, facilities and direct push strong progress in key works critical of the economy. Categories many works and works completed on schedule as the first line of Bai Bang Paper Factory, restore power plants, building new factories fiber, textile Southeast, Thang Loi, Nha Trang, Vinh , plant food animals Huong Canh breeding stations for agriculture, Children's Hospital Swedish Hospital in Dong Hoi, Lotus satellite station, park in Hanoi, and starting construction many other important works. The total value of construction and installation of five years from 1976 to 1980 the rates reached 7638 million in 1980, increasing 2.2 times over the period 1971-1975. During this period, the average annual increase 14% over the previous year.

On manufacturing of materials, has overcome many difficulties to promote production and continued development of production materials in place for the construction works. Some products have been mainly concentrated development such as investment in construction of blast furnace cement base, the base tile, stone tiles sold the world ... Construction materials such as cement, roofing sheets, tiles, stone has been restored and developed than two times the period of the war, have resolved some difficulties due to shortage of power supplies and materials water. Despite many efforts, but generally the basis of production materials also bring heavy manual, the product category of poor quality is not high, dependent on multiple sources of supplies and raw materials imported.

In the field of scientific research techniques, survey design works, planning design ... has made strides to meet the requirements of production, construction and urban development. has the same designers more civil and industrial projects. The process foundation, waterproofing process, as opposed to a foundation casto in Bim Son Cement Plant, Huangshi, anti-subsidence at La Thanh Hotel has good results, successfully applied new technology to produce high quality cement, cement strength sulfate, refractory bricks, acid resistant.

3. Period from 1981 to 1985

Period 1981-1985 was a period there are many difficulties in the construction and national defense. Border situation and the island has many complicated development, natural disasters to occur on a large scale in North and Central, sources of aid from socialist countries increasingly reduced, the production facilities in the country met more difficult due to lack of spare parts and materials techniques. Simultaneously during this period, our country is focused on completion of the socialist renovation in southern provinces, continue to improve socialist production relations in the country. This is the period the changes taking place change of management mechanisms, administrative mechanisms are gradually eliminate subsidies but the impact strength to the surface of society, a new management mechanism is formed, but many problems arise, they must focus research from practice.

In the light of Resolution fifth Party Congress, the resolutions of the Party Central Executive Committee and the Government, the construction industry clearly defined tasks and socio-economic objectives that the Party and State Affairs. Has focused on solving many important tasks and complete victory of the fundamental goals of the 5 year plan 1981-1985: contributing to strengthening the potential for economies all over the country. The role of the direct sales forces in the fields of construction, materials production, house management development, urban management increasingly clearer.

In the field of industrial construction, civil was highly concentrated strive to complete the key works such as the two thermal Phalai expand Super phosphate Plant Lam Thao; complete Cement Plant Cement Bim Son, Hoang Thach, wood processing, spinning, Bai Bang paper, processing agricultural products. foodstuffs, ... The projects were built as large hydropower Hoa Binh Hydroelectric Tri An, Lao Cai apatite, glass factory A Cau Giay Tan Mai, Ha Tien Cement. công trình dầu khí Vũng Tàu... General Service Vung Tau ... . Promote the effectiveness of key works in the national economy in the 5-year plan period from 1986 to 1990. Speed of construction and installation value during this period average 25%: in 1982 increased 20% over 1981, up 21% in 1983 compared to 1982, 1984 up 28% over 1983 and 1985 increased 36% so in 1984. Construction and installation units of the Ministry of Construction undertaken many national key projects, the proportion value of construction and installation of important works constitute 79.7% of the total value of the construction and installation.

Manufacturing of construction materials has gradually developed materials to meet construction needs. The growth in number and types of materials in product market trends, a number which can meet diverse demands of domestic market. Level management and direct production management techniques in the production base materials has made rapid strides, grasping the advances techniques and technology in modern production lines, such as cement Bim Son, Hoang Thach ... quality products materials is raised one step. Many local investors are interested to exploit resources in place as construction materials. Blast furnace cement has developed in some localities as previously Vinh Phu, Ha Tay, Hue, Quy Nhon City, Ha Tien, Yen Bai ... The product materials in the country has increased almost 30% over the period 1976 -1980.

4. Period from 1986 to 1990

Implementing Resolution sixth Party Congress resolutions of the Central Government, the Government on policy and innovation policy, Construction industry has made significant changes. The economic base unit has improved the sense of autonomy, dynamic, expanding manufacturing business in the direction of diversifying products associated with the market, take advantage of available capacity, step out of style as food subsidy mechanism in the production of business and respected accounting business by market mechanism.

In the field of industrial construction, civil initially follow the method of bidding, though is a stub. However the positive effect to promote the units noted restructuring the workforce, enhancing the facilities investment techniques and machinery to improve construction quality and efficient construction and installation works . During this period, the total value of fixed assets has increased by 2760 billion in 1990 prices. Many important works have been completed as of 3 units; 4 of the Pha Lai Thermal Power Plant; four units of the Tri An hydro power; two hydropower units Hoa Binh Hydroelectric three units Linh Tray Factory A glass bridge line Kien Luong Cement, Tan Mai Paper Factory, works for exploitation of oil and gas ... contributed to increase production capacity for the national economy. Speed value Erection annual average during this period was 3.7 times: in 1987 increased 2.52 times compared with 1986, 1988 increased eight times in 1987, increasing 3.2 times in 1989 1988, 1990 increased 1.14 times in 1989, although the number of employees decreased from 518 thousand people in 1986 to 443 thousand people in 1990.

In the field of industry construction materials, state-owned units at central and local investors have focused on production facilities with advanced technological lines create high-quality products. The products usually, small production facilities due to economic sectors that receive foreign-owned, partly to meet the diverse needs of the market and overcome the scarcity materials. One important issue that has made a positive competitive atmosphere between the production of economic sectors, promote the production many kinds of products, better quality, reasonable price more and more. Thanks to the policy on the right, growth sectors of construction materials than 2-3 times compared to 5 years from 1981 to 1985.

In the field of urban management, housing construction and infrastructure, implementation of the sixth Party Congress, the construction industry has made changes in perception, in the view of urban development. From the design planning, design houses ... State to invest, make, move to the new mechanism is planning for urban construction, planning to park in the State and people work together, the investment made. From the point of view, the design urban planning has been strengthened. From decade to 1990, millions of square meters of houses have been rebuilt, new construction, the face of urban areas, urban infrastructure have changes people's lives are to improve.

5. Period 1991-1995

Resolution thoroughly consistent national party congress in the seventh stable strategies of economic development - to the society in 2000 and the objectives set out in the 5-year plan from 1991 to 1995, construction industry has made great efforts creating a critical turning point in the right direction and development sectors, contributed positively to the tasks of developing socio-economic of the country.

In the field of industrial construction, civil: construction and installation units held rearrange the policy of the State through the implementation of Decree 388 - HDBT, quickly stabilizing the production and formation powerful state enterprises, focused investment capacity building construction, which affirmed the central role of market mechanism. Because of the positive changes in investment technology, organizational management, international sales force to build central and local levels but have decreased in number, but the value of total output continued to grow with the pace high. Speed up construction and installation value in 1991 increased 1.6 times compared with 1990, 1992 increased 2.0 times in 1991, 1993 increased 2.1 times in 1992. 1994 increased by 1.8 times in 1993 and 1995 increased 1994 times 1:28. Average annual growth rate of output value of all construction and installation sector 76.4%. The key works and the importance of the State as the Hoa Binh Hydropower, Vinh Son, Yaly, Thac Mo, North-South 500 KV transmission line, the Cement Ha Tien, Hoang Thach, Lao Cai Apatite ... focus was to ensure construction progress and quality.

In the field of production materials: Continue implementation of the renovation, construction materials industry has moved from the production and development planned direction, to produce goods according to market mechanism is the management of the State . Ministry of Construction guidelines focus to production development, technological innovation are important commodities such as cement, construction glass, sanitary ware, ceramic tiles and other items range dominates market . These products usually, traditionally local, less sophisticated techniques to encourage the economic sectors in order to remove capital produced products meet the needs construction. Thanks to the policy right on, the investment on materials developed in all sectors in the local industry in some central and economic sectors. The basis of blast furnace cement, brick building heating facilities by oven-nen however, some mining facilities and processing high quality paving stones, a ceramic tile factory, sanitary ware is formed during this period contributed significantly to balance supply and demand materials society. Quality, design new products have been raised standards across countries in the region, consumers accept, gradually pushing back the import. Results 5 years from 1991 to 1995, production of building materials category increased almost 2 times higher than five years ago. Average growth rate of total output value of the building materials industry reached 17.9%.

In the field of urban and rural Awareness proper role of urban and rural renewal in the period, both the dynamics of socio-economic development, just as nuclear accelerate the process of industrialization -- modernize the country, the construction industry has made a significant step changes of opinion, awareness levels for the industry in innovative content management construction and urban development in rural areas.

Ministry of Construction to coordinate with related agencies to propose to the Government for promulgation legal documents: the new mechanisms and policies for urban construction, building houses, trading houses, to house prices the price of urban land. Same time, the innovative content design work on urban planning and rural development, content management built as planned, the project, the reform of administrative procedures in the granting of construction permits, re-organization system System management of urban construction ... Research planning new industrial zones, new residential areas: the Government issued regulations on management during construction and operation. In the field of survey design innovative content and organization, formed the consulting firm undertook the construction

In the five years from 1991 to 1995, most urban provinces were to adjust the planning. Investment in urban construction increased rapidly, order and discipline was restored. The face of urban architecture, urban streets, urban sanitation are spacious, clean more. Housing, drinking water and other services in the urban improvement and upgrading a big step.

6. Period from 1996 to 2000 and from 2000 to present

After 10 years of renovation, construction industry have created the power to step in and perform period of industrialization and modernization Resolution Eighth Party Congress set forth. This is a period many changes of substance in the development of the sector. Many policies are the focus construction in this period has created quite a uniform legal framework lí. The implementation of strong planning, strategies, development orientation has contributed to raising the efficiency of management at the macro-sector. Force production was rearranged. Corporations, the company has established strong and strengthening, continue to make intensive investment in technological innovation, increase production capacity, competitiveness of products in industry, preparing the premise advanced to regional economic integration and international in the next period. Although the impact of financial crisis and monetary consequences of natural disasters in three years from 1998 to 2000, growth has slowed, but the average growth rate from 1996 to 2000 period of 5 years industry Industrial materials reached about 16.9%, higher than the growth of the industry average in the country about 13%. This period, private sector investment cement was about 16,900 billion for the cement kiln line and dial 1740 billion to complete the program of 3 million tonnes of blast furnace cement. Cement production capacity from 6.8 million tons in 1996 to 15.53 million tons in 2000. Year 1996 - 1998 to 2.74 million tons imported 2.27 million tons of cement and clinker, consuming 198 million, by 1999 the balance of the demand and domestic production. Field produced ceramic tiles and granite tiles in the construction industry has the highest growth. End of 1995 has two factories with a capacity of 2.1 million m2, the total capacity in 2000 reached nearly 48.2 million m2, increasing about 23 times. Glass construction increased 3.5 times. Production capacity of sanitary ware to date has reached 2 million products per year, increasing 5.4 times compared with 1996. Especially product quality materials have equivalent products of the area. Some products can replace, compete with imported goods, initially exported to other countries in the region, European countries and the Middle East.

In the field of construction, the renovation of management mechanism for investment and building towards clearly defined state management and production, business management, reducing the direct intervention of the administrative agency for the State production and business activities of enterprises, increase the creation of economic sectors in construction, competition to promote development and technological innovation. This factor prompted the formation of market construction management of the state, arouse potential of the sector.

Field construction and installation with an average growth rate of 11% per year. Ministry of Construction has 14 corporations and affiliated companies. This period of major infrastructure works, industrial and civil construction has been concentrated with fast execution speed than 2-3 times the period 1991-1995. The electrical works great as Yaly, Song Hinh, Phu My, Pha Lai 2; cement works as Son, Nghi Son, Hoang Mai have been built, initially put into production.
Business consulting has become a force not smaller role in the development of the industry. It is not just the unit professional activities but also provides leverage economic efficiency techniques for high society. Currently there are about 650 in the national business consulting, including about 445 state enterprises, attracting tens of thousands of architects, engineers, experts in specialized, scientists, management officials of industry. Big strong fast team, has undertaken a lot of work that previously required to hire foreign experts.

The management and urban development has been concentrated direction. Ministry of the draft was approved by the Government and orientation master plan of urban development in Vietnam, Vision development urban water supply, urban drainage orientation to Vietnam in 2020. To 2000 master plan to build big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Da Nang has approved adjustments, approved 11 urban type II, type III 12 municipalities, 400 of the planned construction of townships, towns and rural population clusters . This work is extremely great, just a tool management both facilitate economic restructuring, development and urban planning projects, saving land.
Water supply well fields have been investing about 850 million dollars. Oriented development of urban water supply to Vietnam in 2020, the total capacity of countries to strive to reach about 8,866,680 m3/day capacity compared to current period 2.116.550m3 / day. However, because of the boom years of urban work management let loose, overlapping functions and responsibilities of some departments and not clear in the decentralized management for local government, area urban development still face many difficulties.

Development house, basically end the subsidies on housing and settlement policies supported housing for people with the revolution, the staff veterans, regulation of trading the house in accordance with Civil Code, formulate policies for investment and development house for low-income, mechanisms to promote housing development projects in order to mobilize all resources to develop the and limit the construction of spontaneous, public land encroachment, the program to remove slum on the canals of Ho Chi Minh City, the development programs in rural areas of Cuu Long River Delta is focused direction and reach many results. In 5 years from 1996 to 2000, Ho Chi Minh City has built and repair 13.6 million m2, Hanoi to build a new house about 1.65 million m2

7. The construction work typical of the units under the Ministry of construction and installation has been completed by the renewal period to date

The Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant, Tri An, Vinh Son, Thac Mo; 5 transformer stations, electric poles of the system line 500KV North - South; money works for port oil and gas exploitation; cement grinding line Kien Luong Cement Factory Cement Bim Son Hoang Thach Cement 2 Factory A glass bridge; Tan Mai Paper Factory Lao Cai Apatite; Museum of Ho Chi Minh Hotels Quang An; Central Circus, Guest Guoman Hanoi Hotel, International Convention Center, Sun Red River building, houses for rent Giap Bat - Hanoi, Son Cement Factory, Chinhfong Hai Phong, Sao Mai ... The projects are being built hydroelectric Yaly, River Image, the Nghi Son Cement, Hoang Mai ...
Since the early 90th century, the content of international cooperation and economic relations of the Ministry of Construction to the following objectives:

Strengthening the material and technical basis for the third major of management. They are: development planning urban - rural, building materials and construction. For specialized industrial building materials and construction field, the attention of the many foreign businessmen have come to explore, survey, up direct investment projects, as projects Cement production from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, the project last known glass factory, the joint venture project of construction and installation ... Simultaneously enter the guided devices and technologies to foreign investment to renovate and expand the plant as new construction projects to build two cement production line Hoang Thach Cement Son project. For the development of urban infrastructure, based on the guidelines of the ODA and the World Bank, the immediate priority for water supply, as has been the Finnish aid for the construction of water supply in Hanoi.

- Cooperating with foreign construction industry has slowly improved the capacity of management science and advanced technology; reception standards, rules, processes construction of the UK, France, Australia, America etc. .. Ministry is organized draft Construction Law, Planning Law. Experience of foreign countries have better service for the planning, strategic direction and policies for urban development and rural areas.
Import and export work is enhanced, and there was new development, including labor export, import and export materials found. Since the task of import and export directly transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Trade, initially to meet the demand for production and domestic construction. Currently labor export to Libya of 4000, Korea 1000, and prepared for export to Singapore, Taiwan. Many units are promoting the achievements of previous labor export in place contractor for construction that works directly invested foreign ventures such as hotels, the hole works with the Sai Dong industrial lighting, About Dan, resorts Dalat Vietnamese village Enter village villas Saigon, center of international trade. Many aspects of materials exported to other countries in the region and signed a joint venture memorandum of construction materials production line with Crab, Ukraine and Algeria

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